Never Give Up: How Auto Startups Can Learn from Failed Experiments

Stay Calm: Hot App Calm Founder Calmly Deals with Failed Startup Experiments

Why take the time to watch and ingest this video:

This video is for people who are thinking about doing a startup.

Or industry developers & startups who failed & tried again or should.

Alex Tew, a Serial Entrepreneur, shares how “Failed Experiments” bring success.

After you stream this video,
check out one of Tew’s latest ventures, CALM, ( and you will become “calm” immediately.

News You Need to Know

cisco-cc Ya –Connected Cars are Really Coming: $155B Market with 59M Cars Connected to Internet in next 15 Years; Steps to get ready

Securing the Connected Car: Connectivity Best Practices, Challenges & Implications

THE SITUATION with Connected Car Management:

Cisco’s CTO published White Paper on how to be ready for new market
Cisco's role is “sensing and evangelizing” key trends to automotive.
Seeks to outline how the industry including dealers needs to be ready.


1. Note and dig into 6 areas listed from vehicle design to Post Purchase
2. Will enable you to pay close attention to & understand ecosystem.
3. You will gain a grasp of each step in lifecycle of a Connected Car.

Take the time to plow through this comprehensive document and capture the 6 steps in your "Automotive Future(s)" folder.

8-steps-in-sale-evolutionThe Most Frustrating Step in Car Buying – It’s Not What You Think. New Research Measures Emotions During Purchase

Freak Out, Buy a Car: 5 of 8 Emotional Steps in buying a car are Negative, Frustrating & Fearful.

SITUATION That Prompted Research:

Emotions drive purchase decision;Cause shoppers to leave before sale.
Buyer research rates positive feelings during 8 steps of purchase.
Tradein appraisals, deal terms, & financing made people disappointed.


Dealers can control car buying experience & manage buyer emotions.
Emotional highs & lows of vehicle purchase are measured & rated.
Dealers to be transparent with pricing, payments & educate prior to F&I.

The Most Frustrating Step in Car Buying Car – It’s Not What You Think. New Research Measures Emotions During Purchase

data-wars-new Data War(s) are Coming:
Apple, Google, & Data Miners vs Coveting OEMs for Data Using Mobility, AI & Analytics


Mobility will be disruptive & transformative going forward.
Too many companies competing for market share of mobility.
OEMs want to get into mobility services; Competing with Silicon Valley.

Significance or Takeaways for Dealer Mgt

Google & Apple more interested in mobility services instead of cars.
Big winners will be data miners using Artificial Intelligence & analytics
War over access to mobility & data is coming.
Auto industry becoming new business with opportunity to control data.

See source article from John McElroy's insightful posting "Pitfalls, Opportunity and the Big Mobility Shakeout"
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Jason MuxlowVice President, TechnologyGongos, Inc - 12/31/1969

Jason Muxlow has been promoted to VP from a Senior Director status to head Gongos’ technology and IT department, while supporting its data analytics, data sciences and digital methods teams across multiple areas of Gongos’ business.

Jason continues to empower an agile team of developers with backgrounds in web and app design and development, rich media and gaming. As former Senior Director, Technology, his deliberative strengths fuel his ability to consult with teams across the company.

He was spotlighted as Technology Leader in Survey Magazine's March 2015 issue, and holds a B.A. in Management Information Systems & minor in Computer Science from Oakland University.

What is Gongos and What is the company about?
Gongos, Inc. is a decision intelligence company that partners with Global 1000 corporations to help build the capability and competency in making great consumer-minded decisions. Gongos brings a consultative approach in developing growth strategies propelled by its clients' insights, analytics, strategy and innovation groups.
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