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VW Bug on Steroids: Custom Giant Bug is Amazing Sheet Metal Model of the Original Mini


A very creative, skilled, and passionate lover of the Bug has built a “full size” or giant version of the beloved VW Bug.


You gotta stream this now. You will be amazed at what this man did. And you will have lots of fun just watching how this genius and his team produced an amazing replica of the original VW Bug.

See this BIG Beatle compared to the original and smile.

News You Need to Know

PAL V Flying Car - Real oneIt is Gonna Fly: First Plausible Flying Car to be Delivered in 2018


• BC Canada company, PAL-V, says it going make a car fly soon.

• Public is psyched: Google traffic of over 135,000 monthly searches.

• CEO claims company most likely to deliver a "real" flying car.


• Work is done to create flying car that meets regs & safe to fly.

• Creating flying car with solid appeal in North American market place.

• PAL-V has been the quietest player in the market World-wide.

• PAL-V Limited Edition model will be available to 90 buyers, 25 in NA.

More info & video on PAL-V in North America

Contact Mark Jennings-Bates, VP Sales.1 250 859 4893

ridesharingThe Ride Sharing Business:Is a Bar Mitzvah Moment Approaching?

Who wrote this great article? Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he teaches corporate finance and equity valuation

The Situation:

Aswath wrote a very comprehensive, analytical, and probably brilliant article about Ride Sharing in Seeking Alpha in August. He is basically saying that disruptive Ride Sharing has got to make money

Summary or Significance of What He said:

• Disruption is easy but making money off disruption is difficult, and ride sharing companies would be exhibit 1 to back up the proposition.

• While the ride sharing option is here to stay and will continue to grow, ride sharing companies still have not figured out a way to convert ride sharing revenues in profits.

• I have argued every young growth company has a bar mitzvah moment, a time in its history when markets shift attention away from surface measures of growth to more operating substance (evidence that users are being monetized).

• This may be premature but I have sense that the bar mitzvah moment has arrived or will be arriving soon for ride sharing companies.

This article is must reading for all automotive startups so go get it

2016_Toyota_Fuel_Cell_Vehicle_014-e1416294310381-1940x1091 Getting High on Hydrogen: California Market to be big with some help from Japan.

The Situation:

• Japan to get power for hydrogen cars from sewage sources
• Japan & Toyota in major push to market hydrogen-powered cars
• Most hydrogen in U.S. is produced from natural gas

The Significance:

• In California, 20 retail hydrogen stations now open; 16 more coming.
• Biogas major source of hydrogen from waste water treatment plants, landfills, manure
• California is one of the most biogas-rich states in the nation
• Toyota has already sold over 1,000 Marai with 2,000 on order.

For a complete briefing, see in-depth online article from LA Times. > Getting High on Hydrogen: California Market to be big with some help from Japan.
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Brian Geitner President, Media Solutions Group.Cox Automotive - 12/31/1969

Cox Automotive Names Brian Geitner President Of Media Solutions Group

Brian Geitner has been named President, Media Solutions Group. As President, Geitner will oversee the company's Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and business divisions and brands.

Geitner will begin his new role on August 15, reporting directly to Mark O'Neil, Chief Operating Officer of Cox Automotive. Geitner succeeds Jared Rowe, who is departing the company for a new opportunity outside of the automotive industry.

Since 2015, Geitner was President of Financial Solutions Group at Cox Automotive responsible for the advancement of NextGear Capital. Under Geitner's leadership, NextGear Capital doubled in size, expanded internationally and became a powerful financing option for wholesale and independent dealers. Geitner joined Cox Automotive in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer of Dealer Service Corporation.

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