There is a new and exciting communications platform for new automotive startup companies on Automotive Digest called AutoDisruptors.

What is an AutoDisruptor?

Automotive Startup companies that have, can, will, are, and/or plan to disrupt, displace, upgrade, or augment the existing automotive industry business models including dealers, OEMs, systems & service providers including finance, underwriting,  remarketing, consumer services, and aftermarket.

Automotive Information Network is focused on contributing to growth, success, and impact of over 150 automotive startup companies with editorial, video, and integrated marketing communications services including referrals & resource in consulting, marketing, and branding.

The focus is to increase market awareness, new business development opportunities, & to provide communications resources that will help them to compete using new, innovative, and integrated marketing tools, channels, and platforms.

A core objective is to help extend the reach to each company’s audience and to educate that target market about the innovative technology and the breakthrough products and services of these 150 AutoDisruptors.



Core Media Strategy: Automotive Information Network, Inc.’s on-line media e-magazine, www.automotivedigest.com, provides editorial and video platforms that deliver a media “digest” of selected significant news, developments, and activities in the automotive industry published by major national and global print publications, magazines, wire services, Internet e-newsletters, and newspapers.

Publishing Format: The editorial and video content published and leveraged in Automotive Digest is structured for immediate grasp of what is going on and what it means. The “Situation” tells you what is happening now and the “Significance” tell you what it might mean and what you ought to do about.  This “Tell-Me-What and Tell-Me Why I should care and Tell-Me Right Now is the new way reader-subscribers are coping with the massive information overload in today’s world.

Editorial Focus: Currently, AIN Media and Automotive Digest are focusing on the Future of Automotive and Transportation Systems Infrastructure which includes breakthrough technology, applications, and ideas in areas from Autonomous vehicles and Connected Cars to Algorithmic Programming to BlockChain Technology.

Editorial Projects: Extensive Editorial Research and Content Development projects underway include automotive startups, predicative analytics in the Used Car Market, and the disruption of the current business models in the automotive industry.

Audience: The target audience are influentials, thought leaders, and visionaries in dealerships, OEMs, and in the entire automotive design, development, manufacturing, marketing, servicing, remarketing, and distribution of vehicles globally.


Contact Information:

Chuck Parker
Automotive Information Network, Inc.
425 32nd Street
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Ph: 310-265-2225